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Discover the Triathlon Training Program that will Help you Finish your First Triathlon in Record Time or Shave 10 minutes or more off your Personal Best...

Apply the Same Advanced Techniques that I have used to Help Hundreds of People Achieve their Ultimate Triathlon Training Goals. Impress your Friends and Family when you Surpass all Expectations...


FROM: Anton Rose,

Dear Triathlete,

If you’re like thousands to come by my site chances are you’re looking to train for your first triathlon, improve your best time or beat your buddies in the next race.

If you are a beginner and want to discover exactly how to train for your first triathlon, or a seasoned triathlete looking for a quality triathlon training program then this could be the most important information you'll ever read.

I work full time so have firsthand experience of how hard it is to work long hours and try to fit in a hectic triathlon training schedule. I’ll show you how to squeeze extra sessions out of your day.


Do not purchase information on triathlon training unless it meets the following 5 important criteria...

Read on to find out!

My name is Anton and for the last 15 years I have been participating in endurance sport of all kinds. At my peak I was in the national team and for the last 3 years I have been competing in triathlons.

I hit a wall with my training and was struggling to improve my time so decided to research the web, read triathlon books, talk to professional triathlon trainers and athletes and combine all the best methods into a comprehensive triathlon training program with all the essential tips and information you will ever need. I have seen such great results that I decided to put this site together to help you train for your first triathlon or help you break through that frustrating training plateau.

Whether you are looking for a sprint triathlon training guide or olympic distance, my ultimate guide can help you.

I have spent literally hundreds of hours researching the best training techniques and combining all the methods that have worked for me and hundreds of others to share with you.

If you want to dominate your first triathlon or maximize your training you will need to...

  • Train within specific heart rate zones to get maximum benefit with minimal recovery time.
  • This will ensure that you get the most out of your training.

  • Systematically increase your triathlon training to reduce the chance of frustrating injuries.
  • You must know this or your training will be over before it starts.

  • Ensure you have the correct diet for training and a race diet and drinking strategy.
  • You will always feel strong and ready to train and will avoid “hitting the wall” at a crucial part of the race.

  • Liberally apply Vaseline or baby oil before the race to areas such as under the arms and the legs, so that your wetsuit will slide off with ease.
  • This will save you valuable time in the transition.

  • Complete many back-to-back sessions which are the best way to train your body to cope with the demands of changing from swimming to cycling or cycling to running.
  • Known as ‘brick’ sessions, where you complete two disciplines directly after each other, practising bricks in training will make you a lot better come race day.

You are literally 24 hours away from
changing your life...

Inside "The Ultimate Triathlon Training Guide" you are about to discover:

  • Sprint triathlon training tips and advice.......................page 6
  • Comprehensive 12 week Olympic triathlon training plan...page 12
  • Race day checklist................................................page 23
  • Prepare your body with effective triathlon nutrition.......page 24
  • Find your target heart rate......................................page 27
  • Use heart rate zone workouts................................. .page 27

Here's how this information has dramatically
changed the life of many other
triathletes like you...

"Anton’s triathlon training program helped me finish my first triathlon when none of my friends believed I could do it!”

Susan Rowan
London, England

"I just wanted to thank you for the program. I have now completed my second triathlon. It prepared me brilliantly for the first one and boosted my performance even more for the second. No injuries either. Thanks!!"

Michael Fortescue
London, England

"Anton’s eBook has helped me improve my Olympic triathlon swim time by 5mins and I no longer dread the swim!”

Guy Cotter
London, England

"I used to really struggle after the bike/run transition but Anton’s triathlon training plans have great exercises to prepare you for this!”

Dustin Dumaresq
London, England



There are a tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering buying includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Triathlon Training Program for Full AND Sprint Distances.
  • Heart Rate Zone Workouts.
  • Specific Sprint Triathlon Training Secrets
  • Injury Prevention Techniques.
  • Comprehensive Triathlon Nutrition Guide.
  • Essential Tips to Stop you Hitting “The Wall”.
  • Easy to Follow Triathlon Training Schedule

All of this is covered in depth inside "The Ultimate Triathlon Training Guide".

You could search the internet for 10 weeks straight and spend hundreds of dollars on books and not even learn a fraction of what is included in this powerful guide!


You could hire a professional triathlon coach at $95/hr over 140 hours to only scratch the surface of what is detailed in my eBook.


For a limited time you can download "The Ultimate Triathlon Training Guide” for the insane price of $27 and have it downloaded to your computer in seconds!

The next 200 people to download "The Ultimate Triathlon Training Guide", will also receive the following "MUST-HAVE" additional bonuses:


Don’t dread the swim any longer. These exercises will show you how to save 40% of your energy and cruise through the water like a fish. This eBook is valued at over $19.95 and will soon be sold separately.

$19.95 Value!


Learn how to quickly and easily record your progress to maximize each training session. This eBook is valued at over $19.95 and will soon be sold separately.

$19.95 Value!

"The Ultimate Triathlon Training Guide"
on my secure server below,

You deserve to have the best life, so now
it is time to take action!

I am confident you will be able to do this and that after reading my eBook, that I am going to give you one full year to read and act on the contents of this eBook.

That’s right, anytime during the next 365 days, if you are not absolutely blown away by the information in "The Ultimate Triathlon Training Guide" and the two bonuses; I will refund the entire payment no questions asked.

To all your success,





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